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Early Life

   Velour began her musical career at age six when her mother took her to a vocal guru in Kalyan, a small town near Mumbai, India. Born Meenal Indra at Utkarsh hospital in Kalyan, Velour is the elder daughter of two conservative software developers,  Piyush and Rajeshree Indra. When Velour was 10, her father travelled 8776 miles across the Atlantic to Florida, United States to create and prepare an environment to bring the rest of the family. 






   At age 12, Velour travelled across the world with her younger sister and her mother to Jacksonville, Florida. Before moving, Velour memorized the names of all 50 U.S. states in chronological order in fear of being questioned and rejected upon entry and asked to return for being unable to name all of her states, which she later found was a bogus theory. Velour’s younger sister, Snehal, is at times credited for the family’s visa status approval that allowed them to enter United States. During the initial visa approval interview at the U.S. embassy in Mumbai, Snehal, who was 6 years old at the time, was the one mostly questioned by the U.S Consulate Officer.

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Age: 4 

  Velour is a singer, musician, artist, professional Ballroom dancer and a designer from Jacksonville, Florida. Blending vibrant colors, fashion, art and dance in her Live Music Entertainment, Velour gives her audience a holistic artistic experience.




   During her early childhood, Velour was quite inspired by Bollywood. She enrolled in classes for dance and harmonium (a type of pump organ). She also attended her mother’s embroidery and painting classes and  participated alongside other adult students. Velour won numerous local competitions in the field of vocals, music and art, developing her multifaceted  skills over her preadolescent years.





   Velour’s influences include Rush, Lady Gaga, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Celine Dion, Beyonce, Bollywood, Aamir Khan from Bollywood, Christina Aguilera, Tori Amos, Shakira, Savage Garden, Imogen Heap and the producers of the Pirates of the Carribean. 


Other Ventures

   In Jacksonville, Florida, Velour was the youngest person in her middle school and graduated high school with an International Baccalaureate diploma two months after her 17th birthday. She won superior awards for her acting at the Florida State Thespian Festivals, the world’s largest high school theatre competition. 


   In college, she was involved in a musical troupe of an improv group named Theatre Strike Force, Gator Bhangra (dance troupe) and Singer-Songwriter society, performing everywhere from coffee shops to amphitheaters. She graduated the University of Florida before hitting her legal drinking age.


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   After college, Velour worked three jobs: Master Class Academy, Downtown Disney and graveyard shifts at McDonald’s (the only one hiring for graveyard shifts nearby at the time) in Orlando, FL. During the day she taught dance and disciplined her craft until her fingers had all kinds of attractive callouses. While in Orlando, she met the late Manny Lujan, a beloved vocal teacher. Manny Lujan was a vocal consultant to many record labels and coached personalities like Christina Aguilera, Linda Ronstadt and many more. Manny became Velour’s vocal coach and helped in developing Velour’s voice.





   Velour has performed at numerous venues, which included five star restaurants like Aspendos, occasions for U.S. Ambassadors (Nancy Soderberg) from the Clinton administration and small shows for University of North Florida’s charity events. In 2015, in order to help pay for her musical equipment and DAW plugins, Velour created software applications using SQL,, win automation and C#. These coding languages were taught to her by her mother. 

   In 2017, She joined Monarch Ballroom and Dance Studios, an esteemed dance studio in Florida, owned by Krista Thomas and Chris Thomas (from the Chris Thomas Band). While being part of the Monarch team, and honing her craft in dance, she co-hosted dance events which was attended by latin dance lovers from all over Florida and Georgia. Velour incorporates dance with her music for her Youtube Channel and live performances.


    Velour is also an astute sound engineer.

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Along with singing, Velour also plays the piano, guitar and bass. She does her own stage, fashion & costume design for shows. 




 She writes/produces/engineers on her own album. She has been known to lend a hand, (or an ear), to other up and coming recording artists. She was heavily involved in creating her personal recording studio. Using her carpentry skills, she hand built different types of wooden diffusers, bass traps, and piano shells for her Korg Keyboard.  


   Being meticulous when it comes to musical equipment, Velour spent arduous time & effort, hand picking her studio’s signal chain. Everything from her MADA-2a, a boutique Analog to Digital converter, handmade by Fred Forsell, to the beautiful, and stunning Shelford 5052 Mic Pre / EQ, designed by the legendary Rupert Neve, all of which were specifically selected to craft Velour’s unique sound in her record. 




   Velour wants her audience to feel the artistic connections between different mediums through multiple sensory organs.  And a picture is worth a 1000 words.  The idea is to have a visual 2-D art to every audio song she creates. She paints the songs she sings. Blooming Strings collection stems from one  such song from her album. 


  Velour is on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon music, Pandora, Deezer, Claro Musica, Tidal, itunes, Anghami, iHeartRadio and many various platforms. Every song goes with a painting, and these paintings/prints are available in the store of this website.

Below are some excerpts of reviews on her music.


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