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This Item is a print of the Original Painting "Kusum". The original painting has a special place in my heart and I know my grandma would have loved this collaboration of our artworks. 


Story behind the Original Painting - “Kusum” in Sanskrit means flower. Kusum was my grandmother’s name. She took her last breath on May 1st, 2021 in India with her daughter and her son holding her hand. At that time, Covid was at its peak in India. Flights from various countries to India were cancelled. Therefore, I was not able to see her. No one except my mother and her brother was able to be with her during her last moments. When I was in high-school, she came to the United States to visit. She began making necklaces out of bead kits for me. This painting has her necklaces embedded. Although she has passed to the next world, her art still remains in this world. She was a strong woman. She always said “Kusum” specifically meant lotus. Just like a lotus blooms can bloom a swamp, we must always aim to bloom regardless of our circumstances. Growing up, her village did not provide high school education for women. This did not stop her. She went to the nearest high school in another town called Kundapur. But to go to this high school, she walked 5 miles up, crossed a river named PachaGangavali on a country boat near Chikkansal point every day for 4 years. She bloomed regardless of her circumstance. After completing her education, she graduated and went to Mumbai. Got married, and had 7 kids who now have 9 grandchildren. Out of everyone, only 2 children were able to be with her in her last moments. During her last moments, my mom was able to put Ganga water from the holy river in India in her mouth. Her last words were “Hari OM”


Kusum - Print

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